Exhibit Rentals

Rental exhibits offer a number of benefits in the areas of; flexibility, scalability, budget, schedule, speed, sustainability and global brand consistency. MG offers a number of exhibit rental solutions to fit your every need with express, tailored and hybrid options.

MG Express Rental Packages

MG EXPRESS Rentals are complete exhibit solutions that not only attract and engage your audience, but make the exhibiting process simple and seamless for you.

Our EXPRESS program allows you the ability to select an exact format from our line of inline and island exhibits, or you can reconfigure one of our formats to exactly fit your needs. Each package comes standard (where specified) with everything you need for your next show:

  • High impact, full color graphic panels
  • Fixtures & Cabinetry
  • Furniture
  • Flat-Screen Monitors
  • Lighting & Carpeting


Combine our EXPRESS rental exhibit solutions with our turnkey show services packages for an easy, one stop solution. Throw in our regional deployment and you’ve added fast, cost-effective and green to the mix! We invite you to take a closer look at EXPRESS rental exhibits in the downloadable documents below.

MG Tailored Rental Solutions

MG offers a world of options when it comes to our tailored rental solutions. Starting with our extensive catalog of in-house rental components, our award winning designers will tailor a powerhouse exhibit design for your specific needs. Whether you have one annual show or a series of shows, one brand or a range of brands with differing needs, MG can tailor a rental exhibit or an entire rental exhibit program to perfectly fit your needs. We can also enhance your existing exhibit properties with rental elements to create a hybrid scenario to meet your varying exhibit needs. With MG’s Tailored Rentals, we provide the ability to bring your brand to life in glorious 3-D, allowing you the opportunity to showcase your brand messaging while meeting your audience(s) face-to-face.

Visit our online gallery of MG Tailored Rental projects.

Not sure if rental is right for you?

This is a question every exhibit manager should be considering. The fact is that the lines between custom built and rental exhibits have become very blurry. Many of MG’s clients—large and small—are having the best of both worlds by creating hybrid solutions that combine owned inventory with rented elements. Learn how by watching the video below.

MG’s creative process focuses on finding the right solution to meet your objectives. When you work with MG there’s no difference in quality between custom built and rental. We’ve won awards for both custom and rental projects because we use the same creative process and design professionals to create a solution that works for you, your budget and your marketing objectives.

So while it may not always be clear if rental is right for you, it is clear that choosing the right partner to help you make that decision is easy. Beware the “one size fits all” rental approach and choose a partner that’s focused on finding the right solution to your unique needs. We’ll never try to force fit your exhibit. We’re absolutely neutral about the own vs. rent question and offer great solutions for both scenarios along with some online tools and facts to help you determine what is best for you.


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