Simply game-changing. Simply mg.

ExhibitorLIVE Industry: Experience Marketing - Self-promotion | Size: 400 -1,000 SQ. FT.
Booth Type: Custom | Show Type: Exhibit, Event, Environment



mg had just created a simply game-changing rebrand of an almost 60-year organization, including the simplification of the brand name to mg, from MG Design.  The challenge was to publicly launch the new brand and expanded offerings at ExhibitorLIVE 2017.


Inspired by the phrase, simply mg, the team built a comprehensive experience before, at and after the show.  The exhibit itself brought the new logo to life through an oversized back-wall logo structure, complete with an LED insert.  Overhead a series of logo forms created visual impact from across the hall and kinetic light bars added a first for the show – experience in motion.  At ground level, a dramatic full-length touch-screen bar literally and figuratively highlighted mg’s front-to-back offerings.

Single Source Simplicity™ came to life with spotlights on a number of unique offerings, including; magnify, our full-service engagement marketing agency, mg Digital Solutions, staff coaching, measurement programs, meetings & events and the proprietary plug and play mediaGO™ player.

The result:  mg was awarded best booth staff, an honor that recognized the people of mg, our real difference maker.  

That’s simply mg.