A Real Show-Stopper!

Industry: Aviation | Size: 1,000+ SQ. FT.
Booth Type: Custom | Show Type: Exhibit


  • JETEX desired an Americanized exhibit that was similar to Facebook or Google's Headquarters. The aesthetics had to be clean, modern, glass conference room, lightweight, with minimal structure.
  • The focus of the booth had to be about building relationships and had to exude luxury, wealth and glamour like their FBOs'. 



  • mg designed an open concept exhibit with a modern luxurious vibe, including gorgeous semi-enclosed seating pods with overhead chandeliers to have intimate conversations with VIPs.
  • mg brought in the Google/Facebook Headquarter feel by creating a large mirrored conference room.
  • Another focal point was a massive LED wall that was seen approaching the exhibit from the aisle, proving a show-stopping experience.