Enjoy Life Foods

Designed for Engagement and Efficiency on the Road!

Industry: Food | Size: n/a SQ. FT.
Booth Type: Mobile Vehicle | Show Type: ENVIRONMENT, ENGAGEMENT



Build a vehicle that engaged mothers and families in consumer settings and could facilitate the physical needs to sample multiple products in large quantities


Enjoy Life Foods turned to mg, their exhibit partner to engineer, design and manage the build of a sampling school bus.  Beginning with a blank canvas of a white, short shuttle bus, mg engineered the interior to handle the organized storage and distribution of product samples and the needs of the sampling teams.  Exterior openings were designed to allow for street-level sampling and the incorporation of digital elements.  The entire vehicle was then wrapped in an mg designed school bus exterior featuring all the traditional school bus cues, integrated with unique Enjoy Life Foods branded elements.  Playful children’s images were added to the simulated windows to make the bus just as visually engaging when on the road as when at a scheduled sampling stop.  Finally, based on anticipated sampling throughput numbers, mg recommended and created a separate trailer to accommodate samples and serve as a billboard when parked.  The resulting vehicle was used nationwide to further create awareness of Enjoy Life Food’s unique product offerings.