Turn Your Marketing IN!

Bonnie Hansen, CMP | August 23, 2017

If you are a trade show planner, event manager or marketing professional, quite often your focus is EXTERNAL. You need to boost your organization’s bottom line by creating sales and building awareness to those outside the organization.

But, what about turning that experience marketing focus INWARD to the organization’s most valuable assets, its employees? The very people that give any brand its life, should be approached with equal care.

So, from your unique position, think about furthering the use of everything you spend time and talent to create for prospective customers. You can help turn some focus back on the employees by getting your creative ideas, collateral, graphics, exhibits, and events to do double duty.

Over the next two weeks, we will discuss three employee events that can help build an internal brand team. This week we will focus on internal launches. Stay tuned next week for cross-departmental exchanges and corporate social responsibility programs.

Is your company launching a new product or initiative? Don’t take it for granted that all levels of your employees are equally informed and enthused.

  • Deliver an employee experience that shows appreciation across all levels of an organization.
  • Use pre- and post-event teasers to bring everyone into the excitement of the launch---you are probably already creating materials that can just be tweaked for this.
  • Communicate the selling points of your latest initiatives, not just to the sales team.
  • Stage a mini trade show for your employees so that they can experience the fruits of your labor.
  • Build this into an internal celebration, an in-person visit by the CEO or an important partner, a fun webcast to satellite offices, a 15-minute dance party...you get the drift.

Encouraging these simple steps to others in your organization builds pride, loyalty and ownership by recognizing everyone’s interest in and contribution to the success. It will make your job easier down the road!

Events speak in a powerful way to your internal stakeholders and employees. Be sure to check back next week for two more great event categories that can help you enhance performance and make your staff truly vested in the great things you do.