Trick or Treat: What's in YOUR bag?

Jen Borucki | October 27, 2016

With Halloween only a few days away, many of us reminisce about our old trick or treating days and the surprises that awaited us in our bag when we got back home. I remember pouring through the contents, separating the “good” candy from the “bad.” A lot of times, the things we didn’t like so much tended to outnumber the things we did. More “cheap” candy, less brand names we loved. More “fun size” bars (as my kids tell me, not so fun at all!) and less the full-size variety. Depending on our experiences from previous years, we knew which houses we trusted to give us what we wanted. And we knew which houses would be likely to disappoint.

Trust isn’t reserved for trick or treating and lack of trust seems to be on the rise all over the globe. Consider Edelman’s 2015 Trust Barometer, which showed that 8 out of 10 respondents around the world distrusted government, business or both. Distrust was most pervasive in Britain, France, Germany, Russia and the US. Russians were more prone to trust business than their government. Here in the United States, the statistics are the opposite. That’s a sad trend!

Trust seems like such a big concern in our business and professional lives. However, after reviewing some research MG conducted at a trade show recently, trust actually ranked near the bottom of the list of attributes attendees felt were the most important to selecting a trade show and event marketing partner.

That started me thinking. Has our industry so outdone itself in quality that trust has become the norm? Or have people become so jaded that even though trust is important to them, they just expect that no one stands by their word anymore? I know our clients appreciate the trust they put into MG every day. But I’ve also read enough RFP’s to know that there are a lot of great companies seeking a partner who stands by their word.

If you don’t trust your exhibit marketing partner, make sure you communicate your concerns to your account team. A good partner will want to both hear you and address your disputes. If not, there are many other companies who will strive to meet your needs and who believe that earning your trust matters.

Your partnership is like a trick or treat bag. You should not expect to find something you don’t like inside. You deserve that full size chocolate bar. Just eat it quickly – before the kids see you!

On behalf of all of us here at MG, Happy Halloween and all the best for a successful season!