Together We Can Do More

John Henken | December 7, 2017

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much!” 
― Helen Keller

Promoting brands effectively in today’s global marketplace often means multiple creative partners are thrust together and must learn to work with one another under intense circumstances.  Big brands may need a small stable of creative racehorses; each an expert in their field, to fulfill their face to face marketing objectives. This type of collaboration requires all involved to link arms and play nicely with one another in our shared sandbox to create something wonderful for our client and their customers.

Recently we experienced such a serendipitous pairing when the London based agency, Ivory Worldwide, approached us about doing the stateside production and staging of key design elements for an event they had designed for an American client. Ivory wanted to challenge attendees to think about partnering in new and innovative ways, using the backdrop of a beloved Chicago hotel.

Their process mixed metamorphosis, majesty and manpower. And the result was fantastic!

Together – we can do so much. How did our combined team do it?

  • Modern, curated vibe. Ivory paired bold lighting details and cleaned-up urban landscapes with polished surfaces and minimalistic simplicity. It was a bold mix, that played off the elegance of the venue rooms while celebrating the present and future. Think The Great Gatsby meets Bladerunner 2049!
    • Simply spectacular. Ivory planned a journey that set expectations high early on and delivered at each turn.
    • Enter with confidence. Ivory wanted to use non-exhibit-like materials and lighting in pure and simple applications. Two giant neon signs flanked the lobby entrance, extending to the floor above. Jet-black urban scaffolding inspired a gritty modern vibe within the old-world glamor and elegance of the lobby space.
    • Explore the possibilities. After wowing attendees, Ivory sought an artistic transformation to the traditional meeting room. Visitors engaged with an array products arranged on mirror finish cabinets with backlit graphic cubes and LED towers. The effect was simple, clean, edgy, and sophisticated.
    • Enlighten and empower. Massive backlit walls with brilliant messaging set the stage for the general session space. Playing off the dominant ceilings, the only other room element was seventy 60” tall LED light “batons” strung around the above the space. Simply stunning!
    • Elicit expertise. “Calm minds rule the day!” is apropos here. A lunch-time meeting at the venue united a prestigious European agency with their new Chicagoland collaborator. TRUST emerged.  We both walked away feeling they were working with a top echelon partner. SERENITY entered the room.  And stayed.
    • Embody empathy. With barely a month to get every detail dialed in, our teams repeatedly challenged each other. We respectfully listened to each other’s recommendations, overcoming setbacks and celebrating immediate victories. Together, we doggedly pursued uniform perfection across all objective fronts.
  • Demonstrate grace under pressure through a myriad of minute details. True genius emerges where the rubber meets the road – and that was certainly true of our collaboration. We reinvented the look and feel of neon with the practicality of LED. We created perfectly bright white backlit letters with a zero-bleed black background. We wrested with the best way to make mirror finish counters that could ship without breakage, and a myriad of other minute details too numerous to mention.

Together; we pulled it off spectacularly – bringing two-dimensional renders to life at breakneck speed.

Sometimes new partners need to begin with a leap of faith. Good teams can do wonderful things together when they choose serenity under pressure. So remember the next time you climb into the sandbox with new playmates: Keep Calm…and Carry On!

Together…we can do so much!