The Right Tools in the Right Hands

Ann Marie Burke | November 27, 2017

Your trade show’s success depends on your ability to create awareness, drive attendance and influence action. And not just with any attendee, but the ones that make up your brand’s targeted audience.

While there are many marketing channels to choose from to help you accomplish this, sometimes we miss the most obvious one - Your internal sales team. Who else has the closest connection to both existing and potential customers? Who else is looking for a reason to reach out to them?

The reality, however, is that too often the goals and plans on what’s happening in the exhibit space doesn’t often trickle down to the sales team. And if they are lucky enough to be working the booth, they don’t hear what’s expected of them until a few days before the event starts. This is a missed opportunity to create a staff that is more energized and more invested in the success of the show.

To help them help you build better results, create a show tool kit. Empower them with everything they need to know to build success.

  1. An overview of the exhibit experience, including a schedule of events, will give them reasons to invite visitors to the booth.
  2. Themed email messages will make it easier for them to reach out to their customers and prospects in a consistent way.
  3. A custom email signature added to all outgoing correspondence will promote your upcoming show presence as well as link to a specific web page to learn more.
  4. Bios of key exhibit staff will help them know who the subject matter experts are.
  5. Provide them with select VIP passes for them to hand out to provide VIP access as they see fit.

Offering a diverse number of tools will help fit the diverse styles of your sales team. And since we know they are competitive, you can also think about adding an incentive or two, such as a prize for the most pre-scheduled appointments.

But, now that you have the tools, you need to think about the best way or ways to package them.

  1. A microsite would allow for easy downloading.
  2. A printed package could be mailed or handed out in person.
  3. A fun lunch & learn or other kick-off event would help build excitement and involvement.
  4. A series of weekly email messages, each dedicated to a different item, would help keep this initiative front and center.

Putting these tools into the right hands - your sales team – will go a long way towards building success!