The Best Means to the Best Idea

Michael Grivas | November 8, 2016

In a fast-moving world, we are constantly challenged to harness the power of great ideas to keep every project moving forward. So how do you cultivate a team environment that spurs people to believe something special is always possible?

The process to conceiving your next break-through idea is optimized when you:

  • Resolve. To eliminate clutter, negative thinking, fatigue. Hit it hard, fast and deep.
  • Relate. The best means to the best idea is to have lots of good ideas to work from. To get those ideas, encourage and inspire your team to delve deeper. Reach further. Dream. And encourage them to have fun in the process.
  • Refine & Refocus. Once your ideas are on the table, this is the necessary step to find the idea that truly rises to the top. Combine logic, a deep understanding of the problem and critical factors surrounding the challenge and solution combined with a very free open mind space to find blue sky breakthroughs.
  • Recognize & Reward. Driving the best results means motivating a high-performance team that actively seeks to do great things. Invest in developing your team, particularly with respect to acknowledging the work they do – both privately and publicly. There is a strong correlation between cultivating an organic team environment and demonstrating appreciation for the contribution each member makes.

The best means to the best idea is directly tied to attitude. Engaging your power and passion will help you and your team consistently attain the best outcomes.

Michael W. Grivas is CEO and owner of MG Design. Since 1959, the firm has been dedicated to creating exhibits, events, environments and engagements that unite brands and audiences worldwide. Mike purchased MG in 1988 and has continued to enhance its rich history of design, marketing and service. A no-nonsense visionary, Mike’s focus on the client is his driving force. In addition to establishing the strategic direction for MG, Mike has been a longstanding industry advocate serving on multiple advisory and leadership boards.