Summit Success

Gaby Hernandez | July 7, 2016

Over 1,200 marketers from around the globe attended the Experiential Marketing Summit (EMS) in San Francisco. A room full of marketers was comforting; all like-minded individuals looking to be inspired, learn, network, and ultimately amplify the reach of their event marketing dollars.

Was I inspired? Definitely.

Did I learn anything new? Not really.

If you are a seasoned experientialist and have been in the game for a while, there was nothing new shared that you don’t already know.

But again, was I inspired? Definitely.

My point is, the inspiration alone was worth the trip. Here are few takeaways that had my mind running on the flight home.

  • Give your consumers access to something they cannot experience anywhere else.
  • The human connection to an experience is undeniable. When it is done right it leaves a piece of you (your brand) with them.
  • Think of experiential marketing as a shared event; get the one day event out of your head.
  • Events are getting bigger and bigger. It may be a good idea to take budgets from your smaller events and tie it together to make a real big bang!
  • Dependency on strategy is the true road map to achieving success.
  • A definitive, isolated, well-defined audience is key.
  • Make your events viral. We have a number of social platforms at our disposal, so use them.
  • Develop a concept that encourages shareable content and watch your footprint expand.

I will leave you with a statement that holds true in the world of experiential marketing.

“This is not a marketing channel for the weak. Big risk equals big reward.”