Simply Better Leadership

Marci Banks | April 18, 2017

Atlas held the weight of the world on his shoulders. What a guy! Organizations today can learn a lot from him.

Because the traditional pyramid of leadership is transforming before our eyes. It’s no longer about a bird’s eye view of a strong leadership team propped up by the worker bees. Great leaders influence, motivate, mentor, build. And that puts them at the foundation point – like our friend Atlas, holding up the layers of talent they count on to get the job done.

As part of the face-to-face experience industry, you influence a lot of people – superiors, stakeholders and staff, just to name a few. Your leadership makes a difference. How can you build a ground-up perspective to support your team?

● Encourage. How do you grow a high-performance team? First and foremost, by modeling the behavior you hope to see. That means coming to meetings prepared and leading with a purpose. Taking the reins and not letting life happen. What you do is way more influential than what you say. Model the enthusiasm you seek your team to have.
● Elevate. Spoken from the heart here. When mg transformed our Account Services approach last year, we literally turned our old model on its ear. I was challenged to be one of the Managing Directors to put this new vision into action – and it’s been quite a learning experience. One thing I can tell you – there’s no “U” in team. It’s all about unselfishly motivating and developing people. Let them thrive!
● Empathize. You’ve delegated tasks, but the results aren’t happening. What do you do now? At moments like this, you have an opportunity to shine. It’s not the time for a stern email or unpleasant phone call. We have one mouth and two ears for a reason. Listen to your team’s concerns and help them develop solutions that will overcome obstacles that stand in the way.
● Escalate. Your job goes beyond delegating deliverables to obtain quality outcomes. Often you need to parachute in to ensure expectations are met. And sometimes, you need to represent your team’s concerns to leadership and other key stakeholders to make sure their voice is heard. Whether you have the authority to make changes, you at least know who to ask. Have the courage to keep your project on track by escalating concerns to the appropriate level.

Atlas became a legend for bearing the weight of accomplishment on himself. Are you ready to set the foundation for an exceptional team experience and grow the talent of those around you? Become a servant leader – there’s simply no better way to proceed!