Port-a-ble [noun] 1. a version of something that can be easily carried.

Becki Lyyski | April 6, 2016

What do you think of when you hear the term, “portable”? Do you think of something small… un-impactful… inexpensive?

Well, it is small. But it most certainly can be impactful. And it is better to think in terms of value for your budget than price. The reality is that your portable display has the potential of being very powerful.

I can tell you from experience that you get what you pay for and having a team of industry professionals behind you, able to grow and adapt to the changes of your business, is priceless. Over the years I have used my knowledge of the industry as well as my background in design and communications to take the perception of portables to a new level.

With an ever growing need for elevated branding with a visual impact, it is imperative that we stay ahead of market trends. We strive to provide our clients a final product that not only exceeds expectations but also increases traffic, leads and enables their trade show programs to bloom.

If you have been considering investing in your trade show program, here are some helpful tips to keep you from feeling overwhelmed:

  • Research manufacturers – There is always a cheaper option out there but chances are that within just the first few shows the properties will quickly show the quality of how they were made. Investing in quality pieces that can grow with your program always pays off in the long run.
  • Learn trade show terms – Things like COI (Certificate of Insurance), Drayage (handling in and out of properties at show), etc.… Understanding the ins and outs of the industry and why things happen the way that they do will keep you from incurring additional charges.
  • Timelines – As we all know production takes time. Avoid getting hit with RUSH charges and late fees by being proactive. Show planning sometimes starts a year or more in advance, so knowing your timeline will help your entire team stay on track for a successful event.

Or… hire a well-oiled, professional and passionate team like the one you will find at MG Design to help you navigate the wild world of trade shows.

Becki Lyyski brings a unique multi-dimensional understanding of trade shows and events acquired over 14 years of experience both at MG and on the client side. Today, Becki leverages her passion, enthusiasm and know-how heading up MG’s Portables business.