Podcast Series: Peer-to-Peer Sharing

Laura Taylor | June 29, 2016

If your company is anything like Nestlé, you have two passions: your clients and the experience you create for them on the exhibit floor.

Empowering our teams to think strategically and attain success is a major driver for us. And when we gain key insight, we can’t wait to share it with others who share our unique perspective.

I’ve been part of the industry for 25 years now. For the past 7 years, I’ve been managing conferences and overseeing Nestlé’s plans for HCP engagement at Congresses and events around the world. Simply, there’s no better rush than having a successful project standing in all of its glory when the show opens.

Maybe you’re new to this industry. Or perhaps you’re like me and you want to glean any insights you can from others who understand your incredible journey.

Can I suggest a podcast resource that has helped me as both a student and a teacher?


MG has assembled this library of podcasts representing insights from 5 thought leaders representing a variety of industries and pursuits. The wisdom they share will help you make the most of this wonderful world of trade show and event marketing.

Giving back matters to me personally. Because of that, I was honored that MG asked me to be part of this project.

If you would like to hear my assessment of the current state of trade show and event marketing as well as the trends I believe will impact our industry in the future, please click on the link above to listen to my podcast.

In fact, I encourage you to listen to all 5 podcasts for insight like this and then to share these great tools with your team. After all, nothing beats peer-to-peer sharing!

In sync with our commitment to bringing great experiences to the show floor and beyond, MG is pleased to invite some unique client-side perspective courtesy of Laura Taylor. Laura marries decades of product experience with 7 years of hands-on trade show and event marketing expertise in her role as Professional Relations and Events Manager for Nestlé. In addition to serving as a valued team member and resource for Nestlé’s Congress marketing engagement programs, Laura is an avid student of and contributor to the trade show industry.