Permanent Environments: Establishing Your Identity at Home

Paul Kloeckner | August 1, 2017

Companies are utilizing experience marketing now more than ever. It still reigns as the best way to engage new clients and create a connection that surpases all other marketing techniques.

However, one area of experience marketing that is usually overlooked is permanent installations. Some would argue (myself included) that this might be the most important branding element that companies should focus on.

We can dazzle potential clients and impress them on the show floor or at a well-conceived event. We can talk about our product on the phone and really sell you on our company culture. This will all fall flat if the client tours the facility and the identity and culture of our company isn’t properly represented.

Focusing on Permanent Environments will help solidify all the work you did prior to bringing a potential client to your facility. Below are some ways to brand your environment.

  1. Logo Identity: The first thing on your list is logo visibility. A well-placed logo helps establish your location. How nice your logo looks gives the client an idea on how important your identity is to your company. The logo is usually located on the exterior of your facility by the main entrance. Adding lighting, either front-lit or rear-illuminated, will make it stand-out!
  2. Color Scheme: You don’t need to go crazy here and color the walls with your primary color, but making sure that your branding colors are displayed throughout the facility help establish unity throughout the facility. A client will appreciate this attention to detail, and will know that they can expect that from your team when establishing a partnership.
  3. Company Culture Elements: Using your company’s mission statement or a direct quote from a CEO will help provide insight into the culture of your company. Photos of team members working or your product being used are helpful in painting the picture of what your company does and why it exists.
  4. Tour Stops: There has been a recent trend developing where companies are creating specific points of interest within their facilities to be on display for potential and existing clients. This could be a department that’s integral in production or a set of machines that show how efficiently the product is created. Having a conscious mind about what you want to show your client and how you want them to move through your space helps maximize your fellow employees involvement when a tour is in progress.
  5. GO DIGITAL!: Digital elements help to push an environment from a static atmosphere to a dynamic showcase. From motion sensors to lighting to A/V content, the Permanent Environment industry is pushing the envelope to create environments that go beyond the four walls and help captivate guests.

There really is no limit in what you can do with your space, and I would encourage you to push the limits and go beyond the conventional standards. Sticking to these 5 key points will help you conceptualize how you would like your company represented when the next big client walks through the door.

Use trade shows and events to get them interested, use your facility to close the deal!