Part II: Turn your Marketing IN!

Bonnie Hansen, CMP | August 30, 2017

Turning your experience marketing focus INWARD helps you motivate, educate, engage and retain the people who make the most difference to your success – your employees. Internal events can help you tell your story in a compelling and memorable way.

Last week, we focused on how you can create a compelling launch event to keep your employees equally informed and enthused. This week we will focus on two more interactive events that can help you bring enthusiasm to your cross-departmental exchanges and corporate social responsibility initiatives.


If you want to build respect and understanding between internal groups as well as foster continuing innovation, invest in some internal exchanges.
  • Build a program to enhance communication and problem-solving. Show them how you do it with clients and prospects. No more boring meetings with a talking head and no interaction.
  • Try a gamified approach that loosens people up and allows for insight into what other people are working on.
  • Throw in a little fun competition and put a little PLAY in their day, maybe get out of the office for a bit.
  • Continue and enhance these efforts with an online forum specifically for employees.
By breaking down barriers and encouraging the group to share ideas, a more valuable collaboration can be gained. Better brainstorming is achieved.
Corporate Social Responsibility certainly has a wide scope. Organizations handle this in various ways from complex programs to very focused company-wide events.
  • Design a way to GIVE BACK. This can be a powerful bonding tool—and can align employees with the company, its missions and other employees and partners.
  • Bring company business partners into these activities.
  • Create a fundraising challenge between organizations or include a charity or wellness focus aligned with your target client industries.
  • Stage a community effort in tandem with a corporate milestone event.
  • Advertise the successes with these initiatives back to employees. Did you reach goals, gain awareness, achieve breakthroughs?

Make sure that all employees understand the important connections within. Doing good can do good on so many levels!

By maximizing the significant talent pool at your fingertips, you can create a more unified, better trained and further motivated team that significantly benefits your efforts to the outside as well.