My Summer with MG and its Entire History

Ann Marie Burke | August 11, 2016

I’m Elizabeth Tavolier, the Marketing Intern here at MG. When I was hired to work for the summer, my primary project was to create a digital archive that spans the entire company’s history…a whopping 56 years. I had photo albums, CDs (like, A LOT of CDs), bankers’ boxes, and old filing cabinets to go through. In sorting through these documents and photos (a somewhat daunting task), I quickly went from being one who knew close to nothing about the company to one who could give a fairly thorough description of its complete history, including an impressive list of previous clients.

I think when people hear the word “archive” they picture a treasure trove of really awesome retro artifacts. To be fair, I did find some pretty awesome retro marketing books from the late 50s. But for the most part, a lot of what I was sorting through was paperwork and old slideshow presentations from back when clipart was still popular.

I also found a few cool exhibit photos in each CD, though they were not the most interesting discovery. Instead, I found the evolution of the trade show industry and the company itself to be the most interesting part. Everything from swag to staff behavior in the booth has changed (it’s hard to believe that it was ever revolutionary to stand with the attendees instead of sit behind a table across from them.) And while today I spend hours researching the perfectly themed swag item that is both classy and practical for the specific clientele of each show, back in the day everyone got a keychain and called it a day. Times really were simpler; so much so that I came across an advertisement asking “What can the Internet do for your company?” Um, excuse me? The Internet does literally everything for our company. In my (apparently extreme) youth I can’t fathom how a company ever did anything without the internet. It’s my lifeline, online.

In going through all of these presentations, trade show tips, and marketing campaigns, something really stood out to me. Throughout time, no matter what, MG stuck to its core principles and beliefs. In everything I found, the messaging always stressed that MG was a company for the client, and that we’ll do everything in our power to ensure that the client’s needs are satisfied. This company has the most amazing people, who together create a pretty great vibe that the company as a whole radiates. Personally, I think it’s impressive, and also rare, to find a company that is able to maintain what it stands for over the span of 50 years. It’s this personality, this friendly and goofy (although always professional) attitude of MG that keeps clients coming back year after year.

Even though I was only here for a short summer, I’m proud beyond belief to be even one small part of the history of MG.