Measurement 101 @ EXHIBITORLIVE

Ann Marie Burke | March 9, 2016

Afternoon study sessions at EXHIBITORLIVE were a hit with attendees taking time to visit the MGU library each day for a quick-hit round table discussion on a key industry topic. Monday’s session was a measurement primer intended to give attendees measurement strategies they can use to improve their exhibit program and advance their career.

So what did we discuss?

  • The importance of starting with the big picture to understand what data could help you make smarter decisions and provide metrics that help justify your exhibit program.
  • Start by clearly defining your measurement goals. When defining your goals, remember that your exhibit measurement goals should be in sync with your organization’s overall marketing goals. This way the focus of your measurement efforts will yield data that adds insight to the contributions of your exhibit program to overall marketing efforts.
  • Common measurement goals include defining a show’s ROI via leads captured, better understanding attendees’ impressions of your exhibit experience through booth exit surveys or message recall for your new product launch via post-show survey.
  • Focus on actionable data – don’t ask a question if the answer doesn’t provide you valuable, actionable information.
  • Always do an at-show audit of your competitors. Make time to walk the show floor and create a recap of what’s happening in your key competitors’ exhibits. Create a matrix to compare their booth traffic with yours and get photos of their exhibits. Use this data to create a business intelligence tool you can share with marketing, sales and senior leaders so that they have a snapshot of the show even if they didn’t attend.

In an industry that until recently has been dominated by anecdotal experiences, adding objective data to the conversation and analysis of each show can be an incredibly valuable tool to advance your exhibit program and your career.

MG’s magnify team offers complete measurement programs and competitive intelligence services to our clients. For more information, contact Ben Olson, VP of Marketing, at