May You Have Goodness

John Patten | November 14, 2017

Editor's Note: Recently, mg welcomed back a familiar face to our family. John Patten returned as our President after a 3-year hiatus. In the spirit of family and thanksgiving, we asked John to share his unique perspective on our family, our industry and this special time of year.

This is the time of year when we share the opportunity to give thanks for the many blessings we have in our personal and professional lives.  But even at that, it goes without saying that many who read this are dealing with real life issues that make it seem like each and every day is a struggle.  Most, if not all, of us face varying degrees of this thing we call “life”.

We’re putting the wraps on 2017 and in the few weeks left, we’ve still got a lot to do.  As soon as the leftover turkey is long gone, the tree has turned brown and has done its part to light the holiday spirit, we’ll ring in the new year, 2018, with all wheels turning and launching our great clients’ experience marketing programs for yet another year.  In business, if that isn’t something for which we give thanks, then I don’t know what could be.  Loving what you do helps to achieve success.

The holidays are about so many wonderful things.  Things like, giving to those less fortunate, favorite flavors and smells in the air.  It’s about family, friends and homecomings.  The latter is something to which I can certainly relate.  

You see, 3 ½ years ago, I had made a decision to leave my position at mg and head back to our home in Indianapolis where I took on a new challenge and engagement in a new and growing industry, telecommunications.  I don’t need to tell anyone how quickly our technology infrastructure is developing and being on the front end of that was exciting.  But I consistently missed the thrill of the experience marketing industry and – most of all – my colleagues at mg.  

Rarely, in life, are we given many chances for “do-overs”; however, as luck and opportunity would dictate, I was given that chance to return to mg and I couldn’t – nor wouldn’t – have said no. And now, with the band back together, I can’t wait to see the opportunities 2018 holds.

Thanksgiving is about “giving thanks” and about homecomings.  My homecoming to mg is but one of many things for which I am thankful, and it rests solidly at the top of my “thankful” list this holiday season. It is my fervent hope that each and every one finds many things for which to be thankful, many opportunities to give back and many of our family and friends with which to lift a glass and say, “Go raibh maith agat!”, translated from its Irish/Gaelic origin to mean: “May you have goodness!”  I certainly know that I have.