Look How You've Grown!

Ann Marie Burke | March 7, 2018

No matter where you engage your guests face-to-face, one thing is for certain. The best way to know how your program performed is to set the stage for metrics early in the process.

Why is this important?

  • It refines your strategic vision. Ultimately every project comes down to creating the ideal visitor experience to educate, enlighten and evoke action from your target audience. When you define desired outcomes from the earliest stages, you create a framework that helps your experience marketing partner and your internal team deliver the strategic insight to take your program to a whole new level. 
  • It ensures you capture the data you need.  Hindsight is 20/20 – but so is good planning. By determining what you will be measuring in advance, you will know for certain that the data points you need are collected on the front-end – instead of “guesstimated” on the back-end. This adds credibility to your analysis, your program and your professionalism.
  • It puts everyone on the same page. Defining success early establishes the consensus you need to ensure assumptions are consistent across the board. Especially in an age of ever-decreasing budgets and ever-increasing expectations, the definition of success can become a moving target. Shoring it up early avoids potential conflicts when competing programs are vying for resources and funding.
  • It helps validate investment decisions. There are so many fun, cool and unique things you can do to get your message across. Understanding how you will evaluate them can help build a business case for shifting money into a new opportunity (like an off-site event or new digital interactive) or even obtaining additional test funding outside your existing budget limits. Nothing exudes confidence more than saying, “This is what we want to accomplish, this is what it will cost and this is how we will evaluate if it works.”

Today, the question is not whether you will evaluate success, but how you will do it. Make sure your program is bulletproof. Work with your experience marketing partner to establish the right measurement system early in your project – and watch your program and professional image grow!

Want to learn more, contact Ann Marie Burke at aburke@simplymg.com 

Ann Marie Burke is mg’s Director, Experiential Strategy and a key leader within mg’s internal creative agency, magnify™.