Let's Get Regional

Becky Lyyski | January 17, 2018

Many companies leverage thousands of square feet on the trade show floor to tell their brand stories across the country and around the world. However, one of the biggest trends I’ve observed is the growing popularity of smaller regional shows to complement those huge events.

Many of our clients are adding literally hundreds of localized opportunities to their show calendars. How do you help your field reps effectively tell your brand story at a more focused show or event?

  • Success is not a numbers game. Regional shows generally attract a smaller audience, but more localized opportunities tend to draw a targeted presence of highly motivated buyers who are hungry for information about how your solutions address their pain points. Many also appreciate the contribution you may be making to their community.
  • Make a big impact in a small space. Consider using motion and audio-visual to draw visitors in. Technological advances have brought a compelling digital presence into the hands of many exhibitors who used to feel priced out of the market.
  • Get help where you can. Fewer on-site staff can stretch your people in too many directions. Look for solutions that help ease that burden. Consider leveraging an exhibit partner that can help you scope out the availability of show services and provide labor to support your staff where it makes sense. If every exhibit in that sea of in-lines is powered by a series of extension cords from a single wall outlet, that’s something you need to before your team arrives on-site.
  • Invest in the power of your people. Best practices aren’t limited by booth size and your people drive much of the success on the show floor. Committed coaching can take your already great staff to the next level. Does your exhibit partner offer scalable coaching solutions that can be delivered in the manner that makes the most sense for your geographic presence.
  • Simplify, simplify, simplify. Preparing for hundreds of smaller shows can quickly drain your resources. Look to your partner to provide automation that supports your needs and budget. An ideal portal for obtaining properties and consumables should take into account who is authorized to order, how the materials will be shipped, where and when the system is available to your users and how your data will be safeguarded.

Does a growing regional presence make sense for your experience marketing program? Remember, even a targeted presence can generate huge results to build your brand.

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