Learning from the Past, Fueling the Future

Rob Majerowski | August 2, 2016

What’s in the headlines today? Probably something about Millennials and the impact this generation is having on our world.

They have high aspirations and targeted degrees that aren’t limited to a general field of study; they embrace a targeted industry-specific knowledge set that provides perspective beyond compare. And they are hungry to learn more as they expand their scope of influence in their personal and professional lives.

Millennials will continue to drive trends far into the future due to their sheer numbers and zeal. This presents some unique challenges for those charged with leading teams comprised of a diverse generational blend.

And while many headlines may seek to create a sense of intergenerational rivalry, the truth is that great things happen when you treat every team member with respect and recognition for the unique contribution they bring to the table.

Honestly, I can’t imagine tackling the challenges facing our clients on the show floor and beyond without embracing that broad perspective that comes from a mash-up of seasoned industry veterans and the fresh perspective offered by those just entering our world – including my most recent hire, an intelligent and talented young woman named Ashley Kiecker. Ashley learned trade show and event marketing from the ground up at Bemidji State University and she’s a great example of why our industry has so much hope for the future. Her passion for this industry and the clients we serve is exceptional.

How do we maximize results when leading a team representing such a broad experience spectrum?

  • Ensure the vibe of your team is one of respect. Remember the old adage, “There’s no ‘I’ in team?” It’s more true today than ever. Each individual is worthy of respect or they wouldn’t be working for you.
  • Embrace open communication and transparency. At MG, we have a true open door policy where each person can approach anyone in the company without having to worry about violating a sacred chain of command. By the way, that’s true for clients, too. Self-imposed obstacles to communication simply don’t make sense in today’s world.
  • Make sure that everyone is heard. Great ideas know no age boundaries. Empower your people to always believe something special is possible through their unique contribution. Encourage them to be proactive and to take ownership of what they do. Above all, inspire all voices to be heard. You never know where the next great idea will come from.

Learn from the past. Fuel the future. And who knows what tomorrow will bring!

Editor’s note: Rising star Ashley Kiecker is featured in our library of podcasts recorded on the “MGU Campus” at ExhibitorLive 2016. Visit https://soundcloud.com/mg-design-associates for insights from Ashley and five other industry thought leaders.

Rob Majerowski is an industry veteran who leads MG’s talented team of architectural and graphic designers as VP of Creative. He guides his crew to successfully marry form and function with technology and messaging to help build client brands anywhere in the world their shows take them. His management style creates a culture of collaboration that produces truly distinctive exhibit experiences that connect our clients to their audiences. Rob regularly shares his insight in focused presentations to design students and the industry at large.