Launching Your Permanent Environment for Lasting Impression

Bonnie Hansen, CMP | September 26, 2017

Is your organization considering a physical “refresh”…maybe a lobby re-branding…an innovation center…an interactive kiosk…or a more permanent display of some kind?

All of these installations are great means to convey your brands and initiatives and to provide the most impactful visitor experience at your locations. This is a big deal.

How can this effort and investment in your facility be fully supported? And how can the greatest engagement and awareness be built around this kind of project?  Similar to any other kind of product launch, your installation should have a strategic marketing plan to back it up. This should include; how are we telling people about the exciting plans…then documenting the progress...then showcasing the final product. The more creative you are about this, the more excitement you will build.

Devising an Opening Event Campaign

  1. Pre-Construction:  Launch your construction phase in a big way.  If this ties in with a re-branding, milestone or other launch of any kind—even better, tie it all together. Outline the plans both externally and internally.  Can employees be more involved in some way—perhaps a contest for inclusion on a photo display or video?
  2. Work in Progress:  Building up to the reveal, the progress can be documented in many ways.  Create a strong social media campaign to keep your followers informed and excited.  Can a virtual “hard hat tour” be created and posted? Can the story be documented in a newsletter or specially-crafted series of e-blasts?  Since employees are your biggest cheerleaders, can you have some fun by offering an “under construction” themed break or lunch?  
  3. Ready to Launch:  Once your project is complete and depending on its scope, you may want to offer one or several actual live events to show it off. This is, in fact, an environment created for the live experience. Show how ideas have been put to action and highlight how your changes increase interaction and drive more interest. If one large launch event doesn’t fit the bill, you might want to gear one to clients/partners (maybe a VIP cocktail hour) and one to employees and/or community (maybe a family day). And don’t forget about this space 6 months down the road. Plan to use it for another event or initiative in the near future so that you get a continuing advantage from the excitement around it.  

Showcasing your facility enhancements illustrates your organization’s passion and long-term commitment.  Celebrate it. This is a great opportunity for your organization to promote itself. Consider this live marketing side of the project as a major part of your construction blueprint.