It's More Than a Design, It's an Experience!

Ben Olson | April 5, 2018

This may surprise you, but mg doesn’t design exhibits.

We design experiences – opportunities to create relationships at every juncture where brand and audience meet.

Why is this important?

When you design architecture alone, you look to a different master. It's an absolutely critical process and it takes a great designer to make it all come together.  At mg though, that designer doesn't work in a vacuum.  In fact, they're part of a strategic creative team that includes strategy, creative, design and digital.  Their focus is on designing the overall guest experience.

When you design an experience, your mind goes to a different space. You’re looking at form, flow, function – and fun. You’re putting personality into the brand. Imparting the flavor that sets you apart from everyone else on the floor. Creating that can’t-miss opportunity to showcase your solutions and spur dialog between your staff and your guests.

Driving a great experience involves a meeting of the minds. Strategists and designers working hand-in-hand to create a solution that is clear, meaningful and memorable to your guests. Never a wasted step. Always an opportunity to delve deeper into the solutions you offer. Because a great story always leaves the reader wanting more.

What makes an experience GREAT?

  • Genuine. Put yourself in your guest’s shoes. What is most important to them? Obviously, your solutions matter. But the real deal-breaker for many decision-makers today is knowing they can trust you to follow through on your promises. Your story should exude the integrity and trust behind your brand. If your staff doesn’t believe your messaging, neither will your guests.
  • Relational. Face-to-face marketing is all about building relationships. And relationships are all about people. How does your solution affect your client or prospect – and their end-user? Look at the motivation behind signing on with your brand. Not what do you have to offer, but how your guest benefits by partnering with you.
  • Entertaining. Psychology tells us that people remember 30% of what we see and hear, but up to 90% of what we actively learn. That is why beyond-the-booth thinking can be so beneficial to your brand. Make your guest part of the solution through hands-on demonstration, digital interactive, gamification, offsite events – and you won’t just be telling your story. Your guest will be living and retaining it.
  • Attractive. Not just visually stimulating, but able to draw interest and awareness from a distance. Beginning well before the event doors open through a carefully-orchestrated integrated marketing program that engages early, engages often and always leaves your guest wanting more.  Then on the show floor, paying off those pre-show efforts with an integrated, attention-grabbing exhibit design.
  • Trendy. There’s a difference between trendy and cliché. A great experience will draw from the latest inspirations affecting your competitive landscape and face-to-face marketing in general. It won’t be gimmicky. It will be innovative, fashionable, contemporary and fresh. Being at the cutting-edge of the latest trends goes a long way in establishing thought leadership – and who doesn’t want that!

Remember – anyone can design “stuff.” But it takes a true artist – or team of artists – to strategize the ideal visitor experience and create a seamless journey through your brand. One that unifies form, flow, and function with a flavor that is distinctively you. At mg, we have the teams, the talent, and the thoughtfulness to design a great exhibit, a great engagement, and a great experience.

Are you ready for a GREAT experience? Put the acronym to work for you!


Ben Olson is the Vice President, Managing Director of magnify™, the creative agency @ mg.  magnify brings together the disciplines of strategy, creative, design, and digital to magnify the effectiveness of our client's experience marketing programs.