How Will You Move Me?

Joe Sadler | February 7, 2018

Revolutionary thought for 2018.

Want to drive momentum for your brand image? Consider the power of motion.

Because it’s not just how your guest moves through your experience that matters. It’s how your experience moves around them. And how it moves them to action – migrating through your sales funnel!

Let’s face it -- our industry flourishes when we command all the senses to engage our guests at a very primal and meaningful level. How we take that in – that’s the heart of motion.

  • See. Captivating design elements and orchestrated lighting that draw awareness and interest up-close and from a distance.
  • Hear. Think beyond the traditional talk track to the voice of nature. The environment. Crowds. Music. Sound is a potent stimulator of emotion that can set the stage for an amazing brand story – yours!
  • Taste. From actual product sampling to well-conceived hospitality, taste can impart a lasting positive flavor for your company among the people that matter.
  • Touch. Becoming part of your story through traditional product vignettes, digital interactive stations or gamification. So many ways tech can transform the way people engage with your company at a very visceral level.
  • Smell. You want to sell your house, bake a batch of cookies or bread. You can leave the oven at home, however, with programmable atomizers that release a hint of scent at appropriate parts of your story.

The best part is, with the latest technological advances like our own exclusive mediaGO™ platform almost anything you conceive can be put into motion on site. Imagine a series of gears and winches that bring your brand story to life around your guest. A moving wall of fabric. A dramatic overhead symphony of shape and color. Opening minds with a program so basic, you can often run it off any smart device.

Years ago, that would have been a pipe dream. But today’s technology lets us look at new ways we can educate, enlighten and empower our customers and end users.

To me, the future of this industry is clear. If you want to make a lasting impression where your brands and audiences intersect and stand out from the competition, make sure you are telling a moving story. Don’t just believe something amazing is possible. Put it in motion!

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