How Are YOU Tackling CES 2017?

| October 18, 2016

Living and working in the San Francisco Bay area, it’s exciting to be part of a community whose innovation helps drive the incredible experience that has defined the Consumer Electronics Show for almost 50 years. The hottest new technologies that will be influencing showrooms and show floors for the next 12 months – many of which were born in our communal backyard – will be unveiled during the course of this mega-show, which last year alone attracted over 170,000 attendees and filled almost 2.5 million square feet of exhibit space.

The clock is ticking down for next year’s show. So what can YOU do to be better prepared for CES 2017?

  • Integrated marketing is key. When your competition includes over 3,800 companies vying for the attention of media and potential clients, standing out on the show floor takes on an entirely new meaning. Finding the proper balance between creating a memorable event and maintaining a responsible marketing investment can frequently create unique challenges for companies of all sizes.

– The Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) tells us that 76% of attendees pre-plan their agenda based on pre-show communication; however, only about 20% of exhibitors leverage pre-show marketing campaigns.

– Pre-show marketing matters. Make sure you are doing something to put your exhibit on that agenda!

  • Let your engagement strategy drive architecture, not vice versa. Logical traffic flow taking into account hot corners and secondary potential points of entry can play a critical role in ensuring that your guests get the most out of your engagement strategy. Don’t leave it up to your visitors to connect the dots for themselves. Keep them focused on the story you are telling in a clear, logical and easy-to-navigate flow manner.
  • Don’t leave media engagement to chance. Part of telling your story is leveraging the power of targeted, national and social media outlets to get your message across. Ensure you have laid the foundation for an effective media partnership by crafting a comprehensive media strategy complete with press releases and press kits. Also consider a buzz-worthy engagement strategy to help break through the clutter and extend your relationship well beyond the bounds of the exhibit hall.
  • Partner with people you trust. It goes without saying that your potential partners should be well-versed in the specific opportunities and challenges facing the tech sector. Beyond that, you need to know that the company is able to handle the myriad of details – large and small – that comprise a major show like CES. There are no “re-do’s” once those show doors open!

Best wishes for a successful CES. If you need any further advice, please don’t hesitate to give me a call!