Get on Board the Maker Movement

Ann Marie Burke | May 17, 2016

Who hasn’t spent countless (work?) hours on Pinterest or other inspirational sights looking for something cool and interesting to make. Every project looks so enticing and so easy to do and so empowering to alter it just a bit and make it your own. Welcome to the Maker Movement.

The internet has made this an unstoppable force with instant access to endless project opportunities and how-to instructions, as well as the ability to order all of the necessary parts with same day delivery and then share the completed masterpiece with the world.

When you consider that 4 out of 5 millennials are makers and 87% state they want to be asked for input from a brand you can see the importance in embracing this trend. Ignore it and you risk missing an opportunity to have relevant, on-going customer dialogue.

Trade shows offer the perfect environment for customers and prospects to interact with your brand in a way that is personal to them. When you offer them an opportunity to touch, feel, create, experience and share, they will make your brand their own.

So here are some thoughts on how your brand can get on board.


Offer stylized or aspirational images around your brand. Empower your customers and prospects to create something with your brand. For B2B this could mean increased business productivity.


Offer options that allow for personalization or encourage a partnership in making something together. For B2B this could mean exploring greater levels of collaboration. Allow customers and prospects to interact with your brand for themselves, which requires some loosening of the traditional brand control.


Offer a forum for showing off their creation. Build a sense of community, all sharing similar challenges but showcasing what your brand did for them individually.

These three pillars of the Maker Movement will help you establish a growing group of engaged customers and prospects as well as extend your brand reach well beyond a trade show footprint through increased and on-going shareable content.

Ann Marie Burke is a Marketing Communication Strategist with MG Design. She plays a vital role on a number of client teams, regularly imparting her wisdom, leadership, insight and passion for the trade show and event marketing while providing great experiences for the company she serves. Ann Marie helps companies amplify brand experiences well beyond the footprint and timeline of their events through MG’s internal marketing services agency, magnify™.