Does this HAVE to be so Complex?

Ben Olson | February 21, 2017

We all know the 80/20 principle – 80% of your business comes from the top 20% of your clients. But that relationship isn’t limited to sales figures alone.

In business – as in life – we seem challenged by the Complexity Catch 22. There seems to be a disproportionate amount of time, talent and treasure put into things that net us the least return and vice versa.

As an organization, mg has realized that even the complex world of face-to-face marketing has become part of this Catch 22. The result? More stress. Less efficiency. And often, lower energy on both sides of the table at that precious moment when brand and audience meet.

This year, we’ve committed to a renewed focus on simplicity for our team, our clients and our industry. And in that spirit, we would like to offer 5 ideas to make YOUR face-to-face marketing responsibilities simpler, more effective and whole lot more meaningful for you and your guests.

  • Complexity Doesn’t Have to Breed Complexity. If there’s one thing we as an industry know – there’s no end to the myriad of details that must be addressed to build successful relationships with our target audiences. But adding layers of complexity will never enhance the outcome. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.
  • Simple Solutions are NEVER Simplistic. Savvy businesspeople realize that strategy and alignment with our core vision and values must define everything we do. You wouldn’t use a machete to shave in the morning, for example – and you certainly wouldn’t rely on an adhesive bandage to stem the nasty gash that would surely result if you did. If a solution simply doesn’t match the problem it’s intended to solve, it’s not really a solution.
  • Simplicity is an art. How does an artist greet the opportunity to craft a slab of marble into a beautiful form? With a fresh eye. They simply take away all the material that isn’t part of their design. Instead of focusing on what works, they eliminate everything that doesn’t.
  • Simplicity is a science. Whatever our industry or discipline, we all can benefit by using the scientific process to overcome challenges. Making observations about the world around us. Asking questions to frame potential solutions. Creating what-if scenarios that help us experiment to find the best resolution. And in the process, seeking results that are predictable, attainable, reliable and valid. Scientists don’t seek the most elaborate way to connect point A to point B. They keep it simple, manageable and pure.
  • Ultimately, the elegant solution wins. Elegant is a beautiful word. It connotes something refined, inspiring and unforgettable. It’s easy to convey because it is so simple to understand. It speaks to the audience in an extraordinary way. In life as in business, we are drawn to elegance. An elegant outfit is not overly adorned with stuff. Its simplicity tells a powerful story about the wearer. Elegance is as contagious as it is memorable. Elegance enhances. Elegance sells.

If complexity is challenging your face-to-face marketing program, perhaps it’s time to seek a simply better way to do things. Won’t you join us in making 2017 the year we bring a truly fresh and elegant perspective to every engagement opportunity?