Champions of Change in 2018

Michael Grivas | December 12, 2017

Experience marketers are in the business of change. Every day, we ask our clients and prospects to change the status quo for themselves, their stakeholders, their clients and their end users.

We ask them to shift out of their comfort zone and adopt our solutions. And we do this knowing if we don’t fully embrace the proposed change -- neither will they. We must have confidence in our solutions to be the agents of change our guests need to grow and prosper. If we don't walk the talk, neither will they.

The same is true of our organizations. Regardless of our role or salary level, we choose to be leaders in our own sphere of influence. Our actions and reactions directly relate to the success of our businesses, our brands our teams and our careers.

To remain competitive in a changing environment, we all need to step out of our individual comfort zones. Some can manage and adapt to change better than others. I for one enjoy evolutionary and positive change. Change and growth are always inherently related.

How can we maintain positivity in times of change?

  • View the brilliance of the bigger picture. A series of individual changes can seem overwhelming when we focus on the minutia. But the whole is more than the sum of its parts. Look how each change paves the way for something bigger and better. And embrace that outcome.
  • Accept snags along the way. No deployment is perfect. Be persistent, working through the as is and working toward the what will be. Change is a fluid dynamic and trust me, patience is apparent and appreciated at every turn.
  • Be part of the solution. Continue to focus on perseverance, hard work and excellent communication with your stakeholders. Remember, we are leaders, not followers. We can’t sit back and expect amazing. Together, we make it happen.
  • Inspire trust and integrity. Integrity is a big theme at mg. It’s the mash-up of words, actions and heart. It’s fostering an environment of transparency that actively seeks out the best interests of each other. It’s about embracing solutions where everyone wins. A culture that fosters integrity inextricably welcomes evolutionary change.
  • Never stop seeking truth. Empower positive change by encouraging team members to voice concerns directly to an appropriate leader instead of at the water cooler. Be ready to offer solutions that overcome perceived obstacles. Similarly, seek out proactive and collaborative business partners who point out potential issues and use their expertise to resolve them.

We were born to be leaders. This challenges each of us to step out of our comfort zones regularly. I encourage you to embrace positivity and a big picture focus in the changes you inspire and face throughout 2018. You’ll be glad you did!

Editor’s Note: If you need a great affirmation on embracing positive and evolutionary change, ask yourself Who Moved My Cheese? This video adaptation of the classic New York Times bestseller is highly recommended.