Care for a Little Trade Show Pokémon Go?

Jen Borucki | August 16, 2016

If you’re looking for evidence that integrated marketing campaigns work, the case study is writing itself before your eyes. And the subject of that analysis – the phenomenon known as Pokémon Go.

I admit, I haven’t played Pokémon Go. But my little marketer’s heart delights in seeing how this version of augmented reality has not only taken the world by storm, but has proven the effectiveness of a host of strategic engagement elements that are available to you today.

How can you leverage the success of Pokémon go at YOUR next show?

  • Help YOUR clients find YOU on the busy show floor. Just as Pokémon Go uses GPS and a cellphone to help players find what they are looking for, you can use targeted emails, dimensional mail and destination pages to create a “map” that drives qualified leads to your location.
  • Look to strategic sponsorships to draw traffic. The future of the Pokéworld will include “Pokéstops,” where sponsored locations will attract crowds seeking to collect items and gain experience. There will even be a “lure” module to help entice the most sought Pokémon to the site. Work with your exhibit marketing partner to ensure you have all the right “Pokéstops” in place to attract your best customers!
  • Provide a variety of engagements targeted to YOUR audience. Just as players are turned off when they are searching for a specific Pokémon only to find legions of the monster they caught last week – your guests are looking for innovative solutions that speak to their specific needs. Don’t be afraid to push the envelope in defining an engagement strategy that holds their interest and addresses their challenges.
  • Empower messaging by expanding YOUR social media presence. Part of the fun of Pokémon Go is the battle, to be sure. But the game also has become an interdependent community linked by the strength of social media. How are you harnessing that kind of power to create buzz that extends well beyond your event?
  • Make virtual reality part of YOUR reality. The influence of digital technology is expanding rapidly and options like MG’s “MediaGo™” compact media players are literally putting that power into your hands, regardless of your budget. Explore the options and see how you can use a smart digital strategy to build awareness and enhance your brands.
  • Ensure YOUR team is ready for every battle. Every great Pokémaster knows that successful engagements are driven by the strength of their team. Not only do they seek to empower that team by selecting a diverse member skillset strategically designed to address every need; they focus on ongoing training to gain experience that takes their best team to the next level. Make sure your team is ready for every engagement through a solid training plan.

Whether you play the game or not, Pokémon Go can have a tremendous influence on your program. Are you ready to unleash these learnings on your next trade show or event?

Jen Borucki, HMCC, is a Marketing Communications Specialist for MG Design, a global full-service experiential marketing partner with complete turnkey design, fabrication, marketing, service and labor offerings to successfully create experiences that enrich our clients, our team, our community and our world. In addition to answering your RFI/RFP questions, Jen also provides copywriting services through MG’s internal marketing services agency, magnify™.