Best Practices for Running a Social Media Campaign-Part I

Megan Wells | February 20, 2018

In an age of lightning-fast communication, promoting a product or event requires a keen understanding of how to best utilize the channels that make these connections possible. At mg, we understand that the tradeshow industry is no different in this regard. We are constantly learning more about social media, and have found that there are several key components to navigating the social media landscape.

Over the next two weeks, we will be covering 10 practices to keep in mind when running a social media campaign. From Facebook to LinkedIn and everything in between, these methods are crucial to finding success in connecting online.


Don’t begin the campaign if you don’t have the bandwidth to execute from start to finish.  The inconsistent messaging can be confusing to attendees and won’t foster the strong connections you’re striving to achieve through your social media efforts.


To avoid #1, create a committed team to see through the campaign.  For a smaller campaign, use one person.  For larger campaigns, consider dividing it up (example:  Assign pre, at, post show responsibility or divide by social media platform-Facebook vs Twitter).  Leverage the talents and expertise already on your team.


Developing a calendar or timeline before you begin your efforts will ensure everyone is on the same page with expectations of content creation and posting.  Additionally, this will provide time to execute graphics, video content and post creativity instead of constantly posting on the fly.


Create a hashtag for your event and begin to use it pre-show through post-show follow-up.  It helps others to experience your event even if they can’t actually attend in person.  And don’t forget to include it on promotional materials.  Get event buzz going early and often for maximum engagement.


Make following and interacting with your social media accounts easy and accessible.  Encourage your team to include social media badges in their signature blocks.  Additionally, don’t forget to add hashtags and links to your email blasts and website pages promoting your event/show.


Check back next week for the second portion of this blog to learn about five more best practices for running a social media campaign for your next event or tradeshow!