All Star Performance – Old Dominion Case Study

Ann Marie Burke | October 18, 2017

Old Dominion (OD) became the official freight carrier of Major League Baseball in April 2017. Their first opportunity to showcase their brand and connect with baseball fans was at the MLB All-Star Game in Miami from July 7-11th. Kelli and her team were challenged with making sure that OD came out swinging as they knew they only had one chance to make a memorable first impression. Their goal was to think bigger than what they’ve done before and align the OD brand with the MLB brand as much as possible.

Covering all the Bases

To appeal to the fan base, baseball was on full display within the 30x40 space.  An 8’x8’ LED jumbotron made heads turn and watch a reel of 2017 “Carry the Freight” players from MLB Network coverage (sponsored by OD), fun baseball trivia, a schedule of events within the space and more.

A Driving Experience

The main attraction was the remote-controlled truck course. Two driving stations were available for fans to take their turn at the wheel and maneuver the large semi around a baseball diamond. It certainly wasn’t an easy task and earned the OD truck driver a bit of respect for what they do. Kelli and her team knew that having the fans experience the OD brand, rather than just read about it, would create a more memorable experience.

Meet & Greet Sessions

It was also very exciting to have a few MLB legends spend time in the space to sign autographs, including Tim Raines & Dave Winfield. In expectation for the long lines they would create, Kelli appointed an energetic brand ambassador, Megan, to engage the crowd while they waited. Megan led baseball trivia challenges, group cheers, a poll of the day and other ways to win fun prizes.

You’ve Got Stats. We’ve Got Stats.

OD has earned the Mastio award 7 years in a row due to their leadership in over 25 categories. The Mastio award represents the highest standard of excellence in the freight industry. To highlight this in the space, a mural graphic highlighted the parallel between the hard work and exceptional performance of an OD driver and the hard work and exceptional performance of top MLB players.

Social Play Photo Opportunity

MLB offered quite a few engagement options that Kelli could take advantage of if she chose. One thing that stood out to her was a photo booth and the social media opportunity it provided. Fans could step up to the plate and create a memorable experience where there was a digital takeaway that could be shared on social media at #HOMEPLATEFREIGHT.

Promotional Fun

Handing out branded items is always a big part of the experience. Kelli worked very hard with MLB to offer unique items that every visitor could take away and enjoy. The slap koozies were an especially big hit and created a fun vibe when staff handed them out. They were widely seen at both the All-Star FanFest and Marlins Park activation.

Seats to the World Series Sweepstakes

The biggest idea ever, however, was the clear pup trailer filled with Rawlings baseballs. Just how many balls is the question and what creates an exciting opportunity for the fans to win three years’ worth of seats to the World Series. This trailer was unveiled at Marlins Park during MLB All-Star Week and will continue to garner attention as it travels to stadiums on the tour.

Partnering with MLB is a big deal for OD, Kelli and her team and they rose to the challenge to create a brand experience that was memorable, sharable, meaningful and downright fun.