4 Messages your Customers Want to Hear when they Visit your Exhibit

Betty Kasper | September 9, 2016

If you want to help deepen the relationship with your customers and prospects, make sure your messaging is in alignment with what THEY WANT to hear, not just something WE WANT THEM to hear. Having their wants, their objectives, their needs in mind when interacting with the attendee provides an outward focus that shows we care about what is important to them.

1. Customers want to hear about solutions for their problems, not features of your products and services. Although your products and services have features that can solve customer’s problems, your buyers don’t want to think and translate the features into possible solutions about their problems. Sometimes you have only several seconds to explain your offer. Why jump into relating an array of features when you can use those brief seconds to better understand their needs, determine if you truly have a solution for those needs and then tailor the messaging to specifically address those needs?

2. Customers want to hear about their needs and the ways you can satisfy them. Each of your customers has their own need that differentiates them from some other customer need. They want to hear from you how you can help satisfy their personalized needs.

3. Customers want to hear about their ROI when they buy your products and services. Everyone who invests some type of resources of money, time or efforts will want to know what they will get in return. How will their lives or jobs be better? How much time will be needed to receive what they want from your products and services? How much time will be needed for them to have a return of the investment from your products and services? These are the kinds of questions that your attendee will look to you to answer.

4. Customers want to hear about other people who you and your business have helped in the past. Relate brief stories about other people’s needs and the solution that your business provided to solve the problems. Talk and show the experience of other people with your business, their satisfaction and their opinion about you. The more powerful stories that will bring you great reputation and credibility are the stories from other people, not yours.

At MG we have an unparalleled level of focus on the attendee, creating positive, engaging and memorable experiences that deliver results.