3 Things that Complicate Everything

Jen Borucki, Research Strategist | August 8, 2017

Looking at the calendar and what do I spy? The first week of August is National Simplify Your Life week.

But honestly, who cares what week it is? Simplicity is something we should strive for every day of the year. It’s been our theme at mg for 2017 – and honestly, it works.

What complicates our ability to deliver simplicity for our business, our brands and ourselves?

  • Believing complex solutions are smarter. Your experience marketing calendar isn’t a single target on a wall. It’s a collection of moving parts with more tentacles than an octopus. Will adding an extra tentacle help you? Probably not. But dividing your project into manageable chunks, each with a simple and intuitive solution, will provide better coverage than the circular reasoning that is likely to result if you try to bite off more than you and your staff can chew. Complex solutions require volumes of process maps that a mere human mind can rarely master. Simple processes are elegant and easy to follow. Which sounds better to you?
  • Overthinking the unlikely. You know the drill. Your team is envisioning the perfect engagement strategy for your next show or event and someone utters those three dreaded words: “But what if…?” Within minutes, one concern becomes a full page. And suddenly everyone is scrambling to develop Plan B’s for every remote situation that might crop up. Don’t get me wrong – being prepared and creating contingency plans are honorable things. But those plans should be an adjunct to your experience strategy and not the driving force behind it. When in doubt, perform a risk analysis to evaluate your potential exposure and plan accordingly.
  • Fear of the unknown. Fear can stifle the ingenuity to deliver a simple solution because in the back of your team member’s mind lurks a sliver of doubt that you can accomplish what you set out to do. Complexity breeds a lot of questions. Do I want choice A or choice B? What about C, D or E? And, when faced with too many options, a prospective client will simply answer “no.” If you want to boost your appeal, provide simple well-thought out solutions that demonstrate your confidence, enthusiasm and a primary understanding of what your client needs. If they want a different color, flavor or packaging, they will tell you. Have faith in their ability to be a good partner for you, too.

If we’re all things to all people, in reality, we can’t effectively serve anyone – including our team, our stakeholders and our clients. Dare to embrace simplicity. And have a great National Simplify Your Life week – whenever it is!