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Compliance is Paramount

The information you provide helps HCP’s better manage patient care, yet yours is one of the most regulated industries around the world. You need a partner who understands the unique drivers for your target audience and helps you craft compelling yet compliant experiences to engage the HCP’s you serve.

Partner with an Expert

We appreciate the role Open Payments, PhRMA code or AdvaMed guidelines and your own internal regu­latory and compliance approvals play – at a very practical, hands-on level. We partner with you and your many stakeholders through all the challenges, whether that entails adapting messaging on the fly due to FDA approvals or helping you manage complex timelines.

Identifying Industry Dynamics

At mg, key healthcare team members undergo ongoing training re­garding latest industry developments and regula­tory trends for medical device, lifesciences, pharma and medical IT segments. We actively support industry we have excellent rapport with trade shows, conferences and symposia across the medical and scientific spec­trum and around the world.

mg & HMCC

HMCC is an accredited certificate program representing a partnership between Saint Louis University & Meeting Professionals International (MPI). Per MPI, this investment enables mg to pro­vide our clients with “the knowledge and experience they need to successfully navigate the increasingly complex pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device regulatory environment.”


Cooper Surgical

Size: 400-1,000 SQ. FT.


Size: 400-1,000 SQ. FT.


Size: 1,000+ SQ. FT.


Size: 1,000+ SQ. FT.



The competitive landscape now includes private-label and generic medications as well as treatment plans influenced by a diverse HCP team, formulary restrictions, increased regulation and an involved patient.

Medical Device

As healthcare continues to evolve from inpatient and outpatient care to a more home-based model, hospital supply chain professionals become more involved in purchase decisions.

Life Sciences

Less predictable funding availability challenges life science companies to take a more informal hands-on approach to determining which solutions best meet their needs and budgets.

Healthcare Technology

Enhancing value often means leveraging a strong dealer network while demonstrating the latest treatments and technologies to an informed, empowered and influential office staff.

Dental Sciences

Enhancing value to dental professionals often means leveraging a strong dealer network while demonstrating the latest treatments and technologies to an informed, empowered and influential office staff.

Veterinary Medicine

Increasing regulation, mobile clinics, alternative care providers and internet-educated owners make veterinary practice more challenging in terms of time, stress and financial considerations.

Vision Care

One of the few remaining disciplines with a strong private practice presence, vision professionals look to shrinking margins while having to improve care options in a cost-effective manner.

Professional Development

Continuing education remains a primary concern, but marketing-based firms and virtual classrooms makes for a more complex professional development landscape.

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