mgEXP 400.09

Take your exhibit program literally to the next level with this two story mgEXP Rental exhibit.  You’re able to widely engage on the first level and create a more private, off the show floor area in the second level deck area.  The booth includes a wealth of standard graphic space, including a large header space.  This booth is a true stand out and extends your useable space of a 20x20 by 36%.

mgEXP 400.09

Size: 20x20


Graphic Features: Includes full color printing in the following areas:

  • Fabric back wall - 6' w x 10' h
  • Fabric towers - 4’ w x 10’ h - (2), 8’ w x 10’ h - (2)
  • Double sided curved fabric banners - 30’ x 4’ - (2)
  • Sintra reception counter: 6’ w x 30” h

Functional Features:

  • 12’ x 12’ double deck with under stairs storage closet
  • 2’ x 4’ Stations - (2)
  • 2’ x 6’ l-shaped catering counter - (1)
  • Bistro tables - (2)
  • Static white stools - (10)
  • 43” monitor* - (1)

Lighting: LED track lights - (12)

Carpet: 20’ x 20’ - Available in 5 standard colors; silky beige, silver, lava rock, bay blue, or black.

Exhibit Weight: Approx. 9,000 lbs.

Electrical Needs: 500w – (4) & 1000w – (1) & 1500w – (2)

mgEXP 400.09


All sizes noted above are approximate

Included in Price

  • Price includes flat screen monitor(s) as noted above, mg’s proprietary mediaGO™ media players, and/or, where appropriate, source computer and keyboard.

Incremental Elements, Available from mg

  • Price does not include media content development
  • Pricing is not inclusive of; shipping, drayage, I&D, show services – Please contact your mg representative for pricing on these elements.
  • Client to provide finished graphic files to mg can provide graphic design and message development services, contact your mg representative for more information and pricing.

mgEXP Express Rental Exhibits are available in the exact designs shown on this website or can be configured to fit your exact needs. Speak with your mg representative about format and integrated creative marketing options today.

mgEXP 400.09