Our Vision for Today and Tomorrow

We believe in engaging the power of our passion and expertise to create experiences that enrich our clients, our team, our community and our world
In support of this vision, we:


IMMERSE ourselves in your brand to deliver smart, well thought out solutions


APPROACH every project like an adventure, to design brand experiences that are on target and unexpected


ANTICIPATE your needs to achieve a higher level of service in order to build a long-lasting relationship with you


BUILD a community thru strategic partnerships with our network of affiliates and suppliers to provide holistic experiential offerings


HIRE the right combination of talent and heart, then invest in our employees to create a work environment where everyone believes something special is always possible.

Our Collective Values

MG’s service philosophy is embodied in our core values.

Execute with Integrity
Quite simply, if we say something, that’s what we do. No excuses.

Embody Empathy
We actively listen, observe and absorb so that we can respond with a deeper understanding.

Express Enthusiasm
Our actions inspire and our energy is contagious. We know what we do makes a real difference for our clients.

Deliver Innovation
Going beyond creativity to answer these two questions: Does it WOW? Does it WORK? If we answer “yes” to both, we’ve done our jobs.

Demand Results
We believe beautiful work is beautiful only if it produces desired outcomes.